Knowing that Concrete plays a major role in Building Materials or Construction for that matter, we couldn’t resist manufacturing this beauty.

Precise Conchem’s Silico Drymix Concrete is basically a structurally sound material made up of cement, sand, and bigger aggregates (gravel). It is a versatile building material that is used to construct foundation walls, slabs, patios, and a variety of other masonry buildings. It’s remarkable how it begins as a simple, dry substance, then transforms into a flexible, semi-liquid material that can be sculpted into any shape or mold, and finally dries into the hard-as-rock material called Concrete.

Cement, sand, gravel, or other fine and coarse aggregates are used to make concrete. Water activates the cement, which is the component that holds the mixture together to produce a solid.

Features :

● It’s made up of a precisely balanced combination of high-quality components such as rounded river run sands and aggregates, Portland cement, and unique concrete admixtures.
● It’s especially well-suited for concrete jobs because of its performance and convenience.
● It Complies with the criteria for 28-day compressive strength.

Advantages :

● It is used for both interior and exterior applications.
● Its Quality is consistent and uniform
● It is no longer necessary to mix sand and cement on the job site.
● It’s simple to tamp, compact, and fill.
● On huge operations, it ensures a consistent mix.
● It reduces waste and saves time.


  • Easy storage
  • Convenient to use and Portable
  • It has Superior fresh concrete characteristics and acquire better strength
  • Is also Budget-friendly.

Uses :

The contents of the bag can be mechanically combined for 3-4 minutes in a free fall mixer, or manually mixed by dumping the contents of the bag onto a clean flat surface and slowly adding clean water in increments while continually mixing until the desired workability is obtained.

Approximately 9 to 10% of clean water should be used in each bag for best results. Within 60 minutes of adding water to the concrete, it should be ready to use.

Excessive water input will weaken the mix, cause it to set slower, and have a negative impact on durability. There is no need to add any additional additives or admixtures to the material on-site because it already contains all of the necessary plasticizers and workability aids.

You can order Silicocon Drymix Concrete bags that include cement, sand, and gravel and require only the addition of water. These are great for modest jobs like securing fence posts or constructing small pads. You can either trouble yourself by buy bags of cement and mix them yourself with sand and gravel in a wheelbarrow or other big container for large jobs, or you can contact the leading manufacturer of concrete i.e Precise Conchem, and have Silicocon Drymix Concrete delivered to your doorstep.

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