SilicoTilefix was formulated by Precise Conchem after years of Research and Development. For that reason, SilicoTilefix provides a kind of bond that is far ahead of any conventional cement-based mortar. After all, Precise Conchem always strives to create far-reaching, revolutionary and the most apex quality of construction materials. Let’s now take a deeper look at SilicoTilefix- The All in One Tile Adhesive.

What makes SilicoTilefix the best tile adhesive?

  • First things first, there is no long procedure for preparing the mortar before application. It is an out and out Readymix formula. All you need to do is add water until you arrive at a good consistency without any lumps. The recommended measurement of water should be about 5-6 litres. An absolute delight for tiling contractors. The recommended water mixing ratio should be 3:1.
  • Quick curing, after application, one has to wait solely for 24 hours for the mortar to work its magic and dry up. After 24 hours, the floor can be used normally.
  • SilicoTilexTile Adhesive can be used for internal as well as external applications.
  • Due to the Precise Conchem’s tile adhesives self-curing and water retaining properties, chances for shrinkage cracks are absolutely minimized.
  • As per the buyer’s convenience, SilicoTilefix is available in bags of 25kgs and 40kgs.

Moreover, SilicoTilefix provides excellent adhesion and is slip resistant. If you are looking for a tile adhesive for construction purposes, Precise Conchem is the brand to trust. Since its inception in 2005, the experts at Precise Conchem have left no room for any margin of error. Choose well, choose precisely! Visit our website: to know more!