M/s. Precise Conchem Pvt. Ltd. product SILICOfix is a leading factory-made, ready-to-use Polymerized Drymix Block Jointing Mortar for placing AAC and other light-weight blocks. It is a non-refractory mortar made out of high-performance polymers that is used to bond masonry units such as AAC blocks together. It contains polymeric compounds that aid in the mechanical bonding process. It’s simple to use and has a good average thickness.

This product is a high-quality, water-resistant Thin Bed Mortar that was created after a lot of study and testing. It is primarily designed to replace traditional/conventional site-mixed cement-sand mortar and thin-set block jointing adhesives. Silicofix is so simple to use that it allows you to quickly and efficiently combine AAC/Light Weight Blocks.



SILICOfix is ready to use by simply adding the needed amount of water on site to create an easily applied mortar with strong and durable 2 mm to 3 mm joints. It is simple to use, and the work environment remains neat, clean, and sanitary while masonry work is being completed on site.

Product Features :

  • It’s simple to use. Block Jointing Mortar using a Single Component Polymerized Drymix.
  • Only the necessary amount of water should be added at the site.
  • Joint beds are merely 2 to 3 mm thick.
  • It dries and sets quickly.
  • Due to proper compaction, the mortar is highly water resistant and provides watertight block joints.
  • Its Water retention qualities are better with reduced shrinkage.

How to Use:

*Note: The block or bricks must be saturated well with water before application of SILICOfix Block Jointing Mortar.

Step 1:

For one full bag of 40 kg, add 8 to 9 litres of potable water, depending on the thickness of the joints to be built-up.

Step 2:

SILICOfix should be watered down in stages and well mixed until a smooth, creamy, lump-free, and cohesive paste consistency is reached.

Step 3:

Allow the mixture to aerate for 2 to 3 minutes to ensure sufficient aeration of the dry ingredients.

Step 4:

The combination is now ready to be used or applied.

Do not add more water to the mixture than is specified above, since this will result in a loss of strength and the formation of pores.

*Note: Apply a thin and homogeneous coating of SILICOfix Mortar in the horizontal and vertical joints of the block with a suitably notched trowel, and then set the block above it. Clean any surplus flush material from the joint areas and reuse it right away. To finish the masonry wall, continue laying the next block in the same manner. SILICOfix should be applied between 60 and 90 minutes after it has been prepared.

M/s. Precise Conchem Pvt. Ltd. manufactures SILICOfix in an automated process at their plant in GIDC Panoli, Bharuch District, Gujarat, according to formulations based on numerous product studies and research. The factory is one of India’s most modern, with P.L.C SYSTEMS controlling all major manufacturing processes and operations (Programmed Logic Controller). The plant can create 25,000 bags of Polymerized Drymix Mortar/Plaster per day at a rate of 40 kg each bag. CCTV cameras installed within the plant area allow for remote monitoring of this plant. The organization guarantees a continuous supply of high-quality products that are 100 percent constant.