In India, problems yet persist in the construction industry. Issues such as development of cracks, problems of water seepage, leaking and so on, soon after the construction. There are various reasons that these problems arise. Some of them are incorrect design, overload, clay shrinkage, concrete erosion and so on. Using mediocre quality of materials has a big hand in it too. Such problems endanger the structural integrity of the building. Enter Precise Conchem, a company that places abundant emphasis on producing only the best materials and chemicals for construction. A name that contractors and architects all around the country put their faith in.

Since its inception, Precise Conchem have not had a single complaint for the past 15 years and deservedly so, they have not given their users a chance. Products from Precise Conchem are a delight to work with. Eradicate the chances of weakening of your beloved structure by joining hands with Precise. The experts working behind the scenes at Precise, one of the best construction materials company, conduct stringent quality checks and always work on Research and Development. So the end consumer is always satisfied with the uppermost standards of quality.

Let’s take a look at some of the products:

  • SilicoPlast: One of the top-selling products, SilicoPlast is a Polymerized DryMix Plaster that has several applications. It can be used for External Plastering, Internal Plastering, Ceiling Plastering, Light weight blocks. It is also optimal for waterproofing activities.
  • SilicoFix: SilicoFix is used as a Polymerized Drymix Block Jointing Mortar. It has been manufactured to replace traditional jointing adhesives. SilicoFix can be used more conveniently, rapidly and hygienically. It is also a highly water-resistant mortar!

Bid adieu to all types of construction related issues upon using products from Precise Conchem. To know more about purchasing terms, you can visit the contact us page: