There are several benefits in choosing materials and products from Precise Conchem for construction purposes. Precise Conchem is a company that is well-known and is on the tongue of every contractor, architect, RCC contractors in India and rightfully so. Its supreme quality, reliability and ready mix nature are second to none.

The products from Precise Conchem, namely, SilicoPlast and SilicoFix are among their top-selling products. SilicoPlast and SilicoFix have one too many uses! This type of plaster can be used for internal plastering, external plastering, ceiling plastering as well as waterproofing activities. It is the modern replacements for old types of plasters. That’s why it is the number 1 choice for construction companies. Precise Conchem is therefore a leader in Polymerized Drymix Mortars and Plasters in its true sense.

Why Precise Conchem is one of the best building materials?

Commencing their business in the year 2005, Precise Conchem and their sister concern company, Spplicetek have their front foot on Research and Development. They are dedicated to making use of next-generation technology to aid in the progress of construction in India. In the year 2021, a lot of technological advancements can be seen in every industry and every sector, just like the construction industry. The dedicated team of professionals and industry experts are working round the clock to always improve their product so the uppermost standards of quality are maintained consistently. That’s one of the reasons that Precise Conchem haven’t had a complaint in the last 16 years of business.

Ability to Meet the ever-growing demand

Another salient feature of Precise Conchem is its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, with high-end integrated systems used by expert engineers. The manufacturing capacity is of a stupendous 3,00,000 tonnes of polymerized drymix mortars and plasters which helps to readily meet the market demand and takes less delivery time.

Your beloved apartment, building or home will never face problems such as water seepage, leaking, water damage, cracks, and so on, after using mortars and plasters from Precise Conchem. The foundation of a building is everything so make sure you choose well. To know more about the pricing, payment and delivery, click here. You can also always email- [email protected] or Call on- +91-22-2756 2962 / 63. Happy constructing!