Precise Conchem has established itself as a market leader in the production of polymerized drymix mortars and is continuously developing to become the best company in manufacturing construction materials. This gaining popularity of the company’s construction materials has resulted in its wide reach to a large section of society and more people are looking for Precise Conchem’s products for their construction. Several government contractors, repair contractors, and RCC contractors present in the country are preferring construction materials from Precise Conchem for different construction projects.

The three aspects that contribute towards the rapid growth of Precise Conchem are its supreme quality, reliability, and most importantly, the ready-mix nature, which has become the X-factor in construction industry. The company has two top-selling products namely, SilicoPlast and SilicoFix. The large applicability of these products has made them the first choice of almost every contractor. They can be utilized for internal and external plastering, ceiling plastering, and waterproofing.

Established in 2005, the company has become the no.1 for construction companies because of its ready-mix concrete. It is a big advantage available to the construction industry that reduces the time involved in preparing the mixture. It offers extreme convenience to the workers and artisans. The only thing that has to be done is to add water to a specific quantity of plaster. This will ensure to give a consistent mix, and it’s all done. No further actions are required. It is a big blessing for the architects who faced several challenges due to this time consumption activity. It has reduced the construction time to a large extent.

For knowing more about Precise Conchem and its products, visit the website http://www.preciseconchem,in/silicoplast.html. For any inquiries or suggestions, email on the ID:[email protected].