Let us take you through the sublime product- SilicoFix from Precise Conchem. This block jointing mortar is one of the top-most selling products of Precise Conchem. Far better than traditional and conventional types of site-mixed cement-sand mortar, SilicoFix is proving to be an absolute delight to work with for masonry mortars, contractors and architects. Why? We’ll get into that soon.

An in-depth look at SilicoFix Block Jointing Mortar

SilicoFix Block Jointing Mortar is out and out an eco-friendly Block Jointing Mortar formulated for providing optimal strength for the laying of AAC Blocks, concrete, hollow blocks, clay blocks as well as other types of lightweight blocks. Now, we will discuss the advantages that the Block Jointing Mortar provides and what makes it a superior choice.


  1. Conventional block jointing mortars require a 12-18mm thickness for adhesion. While on the other hand, SilicoFix requires merely a 2-3mm thickness for the joint to be extremely strong and durable. Saving you a lot of manual labour, materials as well as time.
  2. SilicoFix eliminates the need for bulk storage because of its Readmix property. There is no requirement for on-site measuring of several elements like sand and cement to prepare a mortar. All you need to do is add a required quantity of water and the mortar is henceforth ready for its application, you can also expect minimal wastage.
  3. After its application, only 24 hours are required for the next process i.e. plastering, coating, etc., saving you precious time in construction.
  4. Upon using the Block Jointing Mortar from Precise Conchem, expect admirable water retention, supreme construction quality and self-curing properties.
  5. Make way for better stability, durability because of better adhesion. Bid adieu to shrinkage issues too!

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