SilicoGyp from Precise Conchem, a construction materials company based in Mumbai, is one of the best kinds of gypsum powder. With the help of gypsum plaster, you can achieve a premium finish that is extremely smooth and super white. SilicoGyp is a pure white plaster specially made to serve the purpose of a finishing coat. The imported plaster can also be used to cover uneven surfaces as well as pinholes in plastered surfaces, making it ready for painting.

From the above image, you can see the clear winner. SilicoGyp’s high coverage gypsum powder exhibits a beautiful, ravishing look. While the wall on the left is coated with cement and sand mortar. Your home is your sanctuary and reflects who you are, so you must choose well!

Indian contractors and architects are preferring Gypsum Plaster over cement sand mortar due to its superior finish, time-saving attributes, among many other advantages.

Other Advantages Of Precise Conchem’s Fine Gypsum Powder:

  • Easy application and Workability.

The application and levelling of imported plaster i.e. SilicoGyp is extremely simpler than that of cement sand plaster. Thus reducing valuable time in construction.

  • High Performance

The Gypsum powder provides excellent bonding to base plaster or even concrete. It is durable and lightweight. Precise Conchem’sSilicoGyp can be used for interiors and exteriors both.

  • Complete Protection

Gypsum powder has good insulation properties. It is fire resistant, crack resistant as well as impact resistant. It is also scratch resistant!

  • Fast Setting Time

Gypsum plaster dries us quickly in about 20-25 minutes. It exhibits a superb white colour thus less paint is required. You can continue with the painting process after 72 hours of application.

  • Readymix formula

No beforehand preparation is required as SilicoGyp from Precise Conchem is a readymix formula. All you need to do is add water and the plaster is ready for application.

Are you looking for more reasons as to why you should use SilicoGyp for your home? It provides additional safety, is cost effective and also is far more appealing to touch and feel. Visit Precise Conchem’s website to know more about its products and prices: or email on: [email protected]