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Precise Conchem an ISO 9001-2015 certified company having it’s state of the art manufacturing facility at Panoli GIDC, Ankleshwar, Bharuch in Gujarat and headquarters in Navi Mumbai has been providing innovative and eco friendly products and solutions for the construction industry for over a decade. In an exclusive interview BHAGWAN BHAI MOVALIA, CMD, PRECISE CONCHEM PVT LTD speaks to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s product offerings, research and development, challenges and future prospects.

What has been the impact of Covid-19 on your business and what are your strategies to overcome these sluggish market conditions and expand market share.

Covid -19 has had a huge impact across industries. We are also no different but now we see the market slowly coming back to normalcy as construction and infrastructure activities have restarted. In the present trend the existing market opportunities will be increasing exponentially with our government policies for drastically improving and developing the country’s infrastructure. We are quite sure that the market opportunities will be favorable to all the products manufactured by us. In today’s market all customers expect high quality products with reasonable price and very good prompt after service. We feel proud to inform that this strategy has kept us at the helm, ahead of all our competitors, even in the most competitive and challenging market. In the present trend, the market for such products are quite good and demand for similar products will increase exponentially, in the coming years

Briefly give us an understanding of your product offerings for the construction/ infrastructure/realty domain in India?

We are one of the leading companies in India manufacturing high quality Polymerized Drymix Mortars and Plasters, with the Flagship brands ‘Silicoplast’ and ‘Silicofix’ respectively. This product is a high quality Drymix plaster for plastering on walls made out of Red Clay Brick, Fly Ash Brick, Concrete Blocks, and AAC Blocks. It is a cement-based and water-resistant plaster which can be used for internal and external applications. It is specially formulated for the perfect replacement of conventional site mixed cement / sand plaster, gypsum plaster, stucco plaster or any other premixed / ready mixed plaster.

Tell us about the unique features in your offerings which ensure smartness in the process of construction?

Our product is polymerized and is 100 per cent dry. The product is perfectly blended using very high quality processed and proportioned river sand, OPC cement, fly ash (45 micron retention 10 to 15%) and additives. The customer has to add just water at site to get a very high quality plaster and mortar. There is no need to do any accurate measurement and mixing activities at site. Because of the additives, the workability and spread ability are also achieved.

Tell us of the various material advantages offered by your products/systems to project contractors/developers/end users through and also in terms of savings in cost, time and labor involvement?

Our product is ready to use, quite easy to apply by just adding predetermined quantity of water to it at site.

This offers high quality strong and durable plastered surface which enhances the durability of the structure on which it is applied.

All ingredients are properly and homogeneously blended compared to traditional site mixed plaster. The product is free from impurities like silt, clay etc. • Because of additives in it, the problems like shrinkage, wastage, leakage and crack formation are reduced to maximum extend. • It provides material reconciliation easier at project site.

It ensures substantial saving in time and labour cost in all construction projects.

Its use ensures the durability of the structure for the period it is designed for or evens more.

The structures plastered with dry mix plasters require less maintenance and repairs.

Tell us about the green element in your product offerings? What is the company’s approach towards R&D and innovation?

Our product is made by replacing around 40% to 45% of OPC by fly ash. It reduces industry’s CO2-emission to a very great extend. The product contains chemically treated fibers which is an industrial waste.

Because of addition of additives the water demand for mixing our products is reduced. Further the curing period of 28 days (where in substantial quantities of water is required) is reduced to 6-7 days only since water retaining polymers are added to our product. It also reduces the use of water by almost 75 per cent per cent. During the production of dry mix products, we use CNG as a fuel for drier as against Coal or Diesel oil.

Could you talk about the recent projects where your products are presently being used? Name few of your clients from the infrastructure/construction/real estate sectors?

Our products are consumed by leading corporate like L&T, Godrej Properties, Peninsula Land Ltd, Marathon Realty, K Raheja Corp., Ajmera Group, Mahindra Life Spaces, Mohan Group, Runwal Developers as also by Govt. organizations like Mumbai Metro, MCGM, Mumbai Port Trust, BARC, CPWD, IIT Powai etc. in and around Mumbai.

What is the state of evolution of such products in India’s construction domain? Give us an understanding of the sophistication of the Indian construction market and the challenges of integrating them with the old building and work environments?

Dry Mix products first evolved in India in the year 1999. At that time the main challenge was to educate the potential customer about the various inherent benefits of Dry mix products. It was a great task since the technology was new and the cost compared to site mix traditional plastering was much lower compared to the cost of Dry mix products. The Indian construction market at that time was just getting into sophistication in terms of using RMC, Glass Facade, Aluminum Composite panels, Vitrified tiles etc. But Dry Mix plaster was viewed as a product of least importance.

Have you made any recent addition to your product line? If yes, then kindly detail us about its features and its elements which make it standout from its counterparts in the market?

We have launched new products-namely Polymerized repair mortar under the brand name SILICO Crete and Micro concrete under the brand name SILICOFlow. Both the products are used for rehabilitation or restoration of old RCC members of the old buildings, where demolition is not recommended. Both the products are shrinkage compensated and can give strength of M40, M60 or M80 in 28 days. Our other new products are SILICObond, which is modified polymer emulsion specially designed for cement based applications,

SILICOcrete TRG, a high performance premixed mortar designed for effective filling of Tie-Rod gap, opening remaining in MIVAN type or normal type of shuttering technology, SILICOgyp, a premium non-curing wall gypsum plaster is imported from Iran, specially developed as a finish coat to cover unevenness and pinholes in plastered surfaces and to make the walls/ ceilings ready for painting, SILICOFIX – Masonary Mortar M-10, a performance enhanced normal “thick joint” masonary mortar for bonding various masonary materials like concrete blocks, solid blocks and red clay bricks in thickness varying on around 10 mm, Silico – Con Drymix concrete (Bag concrete), a kiln dried, pre-blended, factory produced concrete mix suitable for concrete bases, mortar beds, pouring slabs, shed floors, post erection, walkways, steps, fill deep holes, general repair work and all structural applications available in M10 to M90 grade, SILICO TILEFIX, an all in one tile adhesive for fixing all types of tiles for interior/exterior ceramic, vitrified and stone installations.

Briefly tell us about your manufacturing units – location, size, investment, technologies etc?

In the year 2010, our company initiated the production based on the advanced Polymerized Dry Mix Mortar Technology adopted in European countries in the state of Gujarat. The company owns a state-of art factory, which is strategically located in the Industrial belt of Panoli, Ankleshwar (Gujarat). The factory is one of the most modern automated plants in India, in which all the critical manufacturing processes and operations are completely controlled by PLC Systems (Programmable Logic Controller). With this, the company confidently assures all the customers, a supply of 100 per cent consistent high quality products, at all point of times, round the year. The company has a production capacity of 25,000 bags of Polymerized Drymix Mortars / Plasters per day, where each bag weighs 40 Kg.

As a manufacturer tell us about the critical challenges faced while introducing such energy efficient products in India? To what extent does cost influence a customer’s purchasing decision?

The critical challenges are, competition from unorganized sectors who are also offering similar products at a very lesser rate. Further overcoming the competition from traditional site mix customers was challenging too but was not difficult. Thirdly some of our potential customers opting to use indirect competing products like Textured Coatings and Gypsum plaster, which are not only lesser in price but also there is substantial saving in application cost.

What are the initiatives taken up by your company to strengthen business this year?

Maintaining the quality of the products, at all times. Enhancing the after sales and technical services. We are very close to our customers and will keep developing more reliable and cost effective products for our customers.

Future Outlook on the industry and from a company perspective.

The future for this industry is very bright. Needless to mention that our Government is also in line with our company perspectives.