The full tension spplice that maintains the full ductility of the reinforcing bar.
SPPLICETEK is a parallel-threaded mechanical spliceing system designed for the connection of concrete reinforcing bars 16MM to 40MM.

Product features

  • Designed and manufactured in compliance with IS16172.
  • No reduction of the bar cross section area.
  • Full-Tension splice: Bar-break under tensile load.
  • Easy installation, no torque wrench required.One standard coupler
  • For all splicing requirements (Standard / Position).
  • Couplers and threaded bars are protected by plastic caps.
  • Full traceability of material origin and production batch.


  • Provides Continuity of reinforcing bars.
  • Allows full ductile elongation of bars.
  • No staggering of splices bars required.
  • Practical alternative to lap splicing .
  • Solves bar congestion problems.
  • Shortens construction cycle time.
  • Reduces steel wastage.
  • Enables multiple re-use of formworks.

Typical Bar-Break Performance

A 3 Steps Manufacturing Process


The end of the reinforcing bar is sawn square.

Cold Forging

The sawn end of the reinforcing bar is then enlarged by cold forging process the core diameter of the bar is increased to a pre-determined diameter.


Finally, the thread is mechanically cut onto the enlarged end of the bar.

Splice Methods

Standard Splice

  • Easy connection by bar rotation until full thread engagement.
  • Parallel Thread : No risk of thread mismatch.
  • No risk of cross-threading.

Position Splice

Even when both bars cannot be turned, spplicetek system uses a standard coupler (exactly the same as used for type A):

  •  The coupler is fully engaged onto the extended thread of the connecting bar. The assembly is simply completed by cutting the bars end to end and screwing back the coupler onto the first bar until full engagement.
  • This assembly method is similar to Type B, with the addition of a lock-nut to maintain the position.

SPPLICETEK Mechanical Splice

TM Bar Size OD(mm) Length(mm) Metric thread* Pitch(mm) Coupler Weight(Kg)
12 20 24 M 14 x 2.0 0.033
16 25 32 M 18 x 2.0 0.070
20 32 40 M 23 x 2.5 0.140
25 42 50 M 29 x 3.0 0.310
28 48 56 M 32 x 3.0 0.470
32 53 64 M 35 x 3.0 0.655
36 60 72 M 39 x 3.0 0.995
40 63 80 M 43 x 3.0 1.230