In recent ten years, the technique of sleeve splice for Rebar, through renewal of equipment, technical innovation and large amount of engineering practice, has been getting more and more perfect. It was viewed to reach the advanced international level and be suitable to be widely applied in civil engineering projects such as various large span structures, tall building, bridges of highway, railways and municipal works, hydraulic structures, tower structures and nuclear power stations & TV Tower projects etc. The professional services include Subcontracts of bars splicing, provisions of equipment and sleeves technical training on sites and other technical service have been commended by consumers on a wide scale. spplicetek india pvt ltd. Always available to do the best for their valuable clients.


Specification O.D.X Length(mm) Weight(kg)
ST20 36 X 120 0.46
ST25 45 X 150 0.98
ST28 50 X 168 1.39
ST32 56 X 192 2
ST36 63 X 216 3.05
ST40 70 X 240 4.12

The number after ST shows the diameter of the bar to be connected.