Terminator Coupler for Spplicetek

Spplicetek, a sister concern company of Precise Conchem, is a company that is introducing the new-age technology to the construction industry with its parallel threaded mechanical splicing system. Established in the year 2004, this company has become one of the fastest growing companies in the construction industry. The splicing...

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Ready-Mix Concrete: A Boon for Construction Industry

Precise Conchem has established itself as a market leader in the production of polymerized drymix mortars and is continuously developing to become the best company in manufacturing construction materials. This gaining popularity of the company’s construction materials has resulted in its wide reach to a large section of society...

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Precise Conchem: A Brand Known for Effective Construction Solutions

Search for premium quality construction materials ends at Precise Conchem. The effective solutions are helping the construction industry of India that has witnessed numerous issues for a long time. From predominantly cracks to de-bonding of plasters, the construction industry is unable to find the best solution for them. But...

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Benefits of Mechanical Splicing in Construction

In the past, Lap splicing i.e. overlapping of two parallel bars was considered an acceptable and effective solution. However, in today’s day and age, due to technological advancements, and more demanding designs, Mechanical splicing is gaining more and more popularity and is given the thumbs up by several contractors...

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The Best Block Jointing Mortar Developed By Precise Conchem

Let us take you through the sublime product- SilicoFix from Precise Conchem. This block jointing mortar is one of the top-most selling products of Precise Conchem. Far better than traditional and conventional types of site-mixed cement-sand mortar, SilicoFix is proving to be an absolute delight to work with for...

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Introducing One Of The Top Tile Adhesive Brand In India- SilicoTilefix

SilicoTilefix was formulated by Precise Conchem after years of Research and Development. For that reason, SilicoTilefix provides a kind of bond that is far ahead of any conventional cement-based mortar. After all, Precise Conchem always strives to create far-reaching, revolutionary and the most apex quality of construction materials. Let’s...

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