In the past, Lap splicing i.e. overlapping of two parallel bars was considered an acceptable and effective solution. However, in today’s day and age, due to technological advancements, and more demanding designs, Mechanical splicing is gaining more and more popularity and is given the thumbs up by several contractors and architects.

With the help of mechanical splicing and couplers from Spplicetek, you can form a connection between two pieces of rebar, that is similar to a continuous length of rebar. A revolutionary technology in construction that offers far better reliability and strength. Spplicetek, a sister concern company of Precise Conchem has introduced a variety of mechanical splices or couplers for more dependable connections and constructions.

Types of Couplers from Spplicetek:

Cold Forged Parallel Thread Couplers

Available in sizes from 16mm to 40mm, these couplers are optimal for load-bearing structures as there is no dependency on concrete for load transfer. The installation process being simple as there is no torque wrench required too. Additionally, all couplers and threaded bars are protected by plastic caps.

Taper Threaded Couplers

Taper Threaded Couplers from Spplicetek allows greater flexibility in design options. It performs like a continuous piece of rebar and increases sheer load capacity by a great margin. These couplers also exhibit high resistance to impact loads during unforeseen man-made or natural calamities.

Sleeve Splice For Rebar

Sleeve Splice for rebar is suitable in civil engineering projects such as large structures, shopping malls, high-rise buildings, bridges and highways, municipal and railways and towers.

For the best Mechanical Splicing solutions and couplers, get in touch with Spplicetek India Pvt. Ltd. We place abundant emphasis on Research and Development to formulate top-quality products conforming to international standards and to provide our clients with only the best. Here’s our website: and email: [email protected].