Spplicetek, a sister concern company of Precise Conchem, is a company that is introducing the new-age technology to the construction industry with its parallel threaded mechanical splicing system. Established in the year 2004, this company has become one of the fastest growing companies in the construction industry. The splicing system designed specially to connect the concrete reinforcing bars ranging from 16 to 56mm that conform to the international quality standards. It has also become the most reliable, economical, and advantageous system that helps in maintaining the load path of the structural reinforcement.

The company offers three products, namely Cold Forged Parallel Thread Couplers, Taper Threaded Couplers, and Sleeve Splice for Rebar. All three possess different features and benefits, and therefore, the user has to pick any of them according to their usage requirements. The Cold Forged Parallel Thread Couplers offer the feature of no any reduction in the bar cross section area. Moreover, it involves easy installation and torque wrench is not required. This acts as one standard coupler for every type of splicing requirements.  In addition to it, it allows complete traceability of the material origin as well as of production batch.

The Taper Threaded Couplers offer a great design that reduces rebar congestion and further improves the concrete consolidation. They are proven reliable and economical for different uses and possess numerous advantages. The easy installation, along with the superior cyclic performance provides enhanced sheer load capacity. The Sleeve Splice for rebar is a unique innovation introduced by Spplicetek. It can be effectively used in different civil engineering projects, including big span structures, tower structures, hydraulic structures, and much more.

Complete details about every product are available on the website https://www.spplicetek.comor for inquiries or suggestions mail at:[email protected].