A sister concern company of Precise Conchem, Spplicetek is also making waves in the construction industry. The rebar mechanical couplers from Spplicetek is a new-age technology in splicing systems. Gone are the days when lap splicing was the standard procedure in high-rise buildings, malls, trains, metros, etc. Lap splicing i.e. overlapping may sometimes, unfortunately, end up in breakage. Hence, lapped joints are not always an appropriate procedure for connecting reinforcing bars. Enter, rebar mechanical splicing systems from Spplicetek.

Backed by a quick delivery time and our genuine commitment to quality, Spplicetek is emerging as a world-class construction materials company when it comes to splicing systems.

Pros of Using Spplicetek’s Rebar Mechanical Splicing For Construction

  • Simplicity in Installation: The threads are machine-made, hence, the installation process is quite straightforward. There is no requirement of a torque wrench. Also, there is only one standard coupler for all splicing requirements.
  • Tough Structural Integrity: These couplers and splicing systems are manufactured conforming to the American and British standards. The mechanical splicing connection develops in tension or compression, more than 125% of the specified yield strength of the concrete reinforcement bar.Couplers transfer the load directly from one bar to another due to continuity of rebars. So it enhances the structural integrity and henceforth, the overall reliability of the reinforcement.
  • Saving up on resources: Another salient feature of Mechanical splicing systems is that they are advantageous in saving up to 50% of steel! This process also saves up a lot of construction time plus it is cost-effective for RCC Consultants, contractors as well as architects.
  • More Accuracy: Lap splicing requires tedious and a lot of manual calculations for determining the length of the lap. Yet, it turns out to be inaccurate and leads to breaking. Mechanical splicing rather has no margin of error.
  • Additional Safety Feature: Couplers and threaded bars from Spplicetek are further protected by plastic caps as an additional safety measure.

To learn more about Couplers used for construction and Rebar Mechanical Splicing Systems, you can visit- http://www.spplicetek.com/. Thank you for reading!